General Repairs

In our company we are providing general repairs of loading machines UNC 060

General repair includes :

- repair of the Hydromotors SMF 20 at the level as new ones
- repair of the Hydrogenerators SPV 20 at the level as new ones
- general repair of engine
- complete repair of gearboxes
- re-packing, or exchange hydraulic cylinders (if it's necessary)
- exchange of accumulator (if it's damaged)
- repair, or exchange of complete clutch with flywheel
- exchange of all hoses
- complete exhaust exchange(place into engine space)
- possibility of exchange of the air filter (place into engine space)
- exchange of hydraulic pipes under cabin
- setting up pressures and complete tuning up machine
- repair of speed clamping device, exchange of pins
- exchange of electrical equipment
- seat upholstering
- sticking anti-noise inserts inside the cabin - tapo
- frame and jib reinforcing on the most strengthened parts
- repair, or exchange of sheet parts of the loaders
- repair, or exchange of the remote controllers ( ORSTA, Bardejov controllers)
- completing missing parts of machine (lights, direction lights, rubber floor, mirrors, horn,control lights, security sticks, tank plugs, oil cleaner, pre-cleaner)
- exchange of oil fillings and filter inserts (hydraulic, gearbox, motor)
- color and look arrangement on the level as new one (according to purchaser)

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